Is eMail from Profit Planning Group being blocked?

Is your firm or email provider using spam filtering software?

Have you added Profit Planning Group to your address book?

Many firms, email services, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use email blocking or filtering systems to reduce unsolicited mail (SPAM). These systems may inadvertently block email you have requested from Profit Planning Group. The following suggestions will help configure your systems to reduce the chance that email from Profit Planning Group will be blocked.

1. Some filtering software and some email providers allow you to add the Profit Planning Group domain to a "white list" which allows our mail to reach you. If this is permitted on your systems, please add to the list. You may have to ask your email administrator to do this for you.

2. Some firms also block email with particular attachments. If your firm does this, please ask your email administrator to allow PDF and XLS attachments from or

3. Some filtering systems use your address book as a "white list" and permit mail from those addresses to reach you. Please add to your address book.
For Outlook Express, first select Address Book from the Tools menu. Next, select New Contact on the File menu. On the Name tab enter Profit Planning Group Mail in the Display field and in the eMail Address field. Click the Add button and close the dialog and save the new address.