Q: Why can't I receive eMail from Profit Planning Group?
    A: Your email is being blocked by filters at your firm or ISP. See these suggestions for configuring your email filters.

    Q: What kind of consulting does Profit Planning Group do?
    A: None. We only conduct profitability, compensation and sales benchmarking studies and related seminars. A list of consultants that we feel are capable are listed on the Recommended Consultants page.

    Q: What does it cost to have a seminar for my business?
    A: Fees depend on the length and timing of the presentation.

    Q: How much is my business worth?
    A: The quick and easy answer is three to five times pre-tax earnings, adjusted for any extraordinary bonuses paid to owners and the like. A more complex answer is to check with a business valuation consultant, such as the one listed on the Recommended Consultants page.

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