"This is the most important tool we have to judge how we’re doing and plan for the future. If you don’t take part, you’re leaving money on the table."

-- Bill Olsen

  • Members of associations currently conducting surveys with Profit Planning Group can obtain questionnaires in Excel and/or Adobe Acrobat here.
    Get Acrobat Reader
    To download a questionnaire file:
    1. Go to the list box for the survey you're participating in.
    2. Find and select your association in the list box.
    3. Click the list box's Download button to download the file.
    4. You must save the file before completing the form!
        In Acrobat's menu, select "File" then "Save As" or,
        in Excel's menu, select "File" then "Save As".
        If prompted for a password click "Cancel".

    5. Close the browser then open the file.

    Send questions to surveys@profitplanninggroup.com.

Financial Performance Surveys:
Employee Compensation Surveys:

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